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We know that all traders are different. However, there are certain things that our investors expect with a trading account. Check our different options and choose the best trading account for your interests.

When trading it is important that the platforms present different options and advantages in each plan. Each trader needs a trading account which features are adapted to his way of investing. That is way at SolidusX we offer suitable options to each trader, adding the personal of our team

Grow with us

There is a suitable solution for everyone! These inclusive account features include:

  • Trading size as low as 0.01 lots
  • Leverage up to 200:1
  • Heading and scalping permissions
  • Integrated news trading
  • Immediate execution
  • One-click trading
  • Professional charting
  • Web trader & trading apps
  • Live support team
  • Crypto wallet services
  • GBP/USD/EUR base currency options

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For high net worth individuals who are looking to allocate over $500,000 and join an exclusive, high performing, group of investors You will enjoy our concierge service and a full team of experts to handle your investment needs, financial solutions and much more

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Become a partner

By joining our SolidusX Partner Program, you promote mutual growth and gain access to an extended network of trusted partners located across the world. We offer three main ways through which we can create a unique business relationship; Marketing, Referrals and Trading. Our marketing partnership present you with the opportunity to create substantial value through CPA, CPL or Revenue Sharing based deals. Existing clients can earn rewards simply by referring friends and aspiring brokers can provide a full scale service without the hassle of creating everything from scratch.

Explore SolidusX Partner Program
Referral Program

If you are an existing SolidusX investor, we encourage you to introduce your personal network to our innovative services. Existing investors will receive a certain percentage from the referral’s initial deposit that will be sent directly to your account. Start referring and earn unique rewards.

Trading Partnership

Our Introducing Broker (IB) program appoints an account manager to help IBs develop their business, with the added benefit of applying spread and commission mark-ups to earn additional revenue from their client’s trading activity. We take care of the administration side so that you can focus on your clients.

Marketing Partnership

SolidusX remunerates you for referring clients or leads to join our investment services! With each qualified referral, you are inclined to receive top commission cuts or revenue shares. We offer high-class guidance to referrals and the best commission structure to help you achieve revenue expectations.