Our Pillars

A trading platform based on Security and loyalty values.

Our goal is the success of the traders that take part in our trading platform. Since day one we supported this objective with consistent pillars to improve the trader performance.

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SolidusX is serious about our investor’s security. Whether it’s website security, data protection or safe-guarding monies, we apply top-ranked protocols to assure your safety at all times.

Our website is stacked with superior SSL technologies that guarantee authentication, encryption and decryption of data. SolidusX trade platform is entirely un-hackable by virtue of a secured cloud and two factor authentication (2FA). In order to keep your information secure, we utilize GDPR guidelines to protect investor data and keep up-to-date with ever-changing regulation and policy alterations.

Additionally, your money is shielded through invulnerable standards. For years, we have and continue to form close bonds, and work intimately with reputable banks. These deeply rooted relationships grant our investors solid bank guarantees and ease of mind.

Traders can enjoy our fiat-backed or cold-storage solutions to remove any worry of full-time exposure. Also, negative balance protection is utilized to ensure that any trading losses cannot exceed the funds on your account, giving you greater protection. Finally, all investors’ funds are kept in segregated accounts. Your money stays exactly that way; yours.

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Prompt access to leading-edge technology promises traders exclusive investment opportunities, and we at SolidusX are always on the lookout for fresh innovation. Our goal in innovation research is to employ contemporary, yet straightforward platform components, to create a seamless user experience. Today, our platform contains up-to-date trading features that are simple to use and easy to understand.

SolidusX trading techniques include advanced algorithmic analysis which defies statistics with stronger market insights and real-time data. In addition, our platform includes automated features, such as pending orders, stop loss and take profit. We feature tier 1, multi-layered liquidity that is trade-backed and use different exchange parameters so you always know what’s going on and where the best opportunity for you awaits.

The platform features various advanced tools for a comprehensive investor experience. SolidusX makes it easy to trade directly with our extensive proprietary charting, drawing tools for technical analysis and multi-chart views. In addition, investor charts are seamlessly synced with watchlists. These watchlists can be organized by brokers, as well as traders, and can display a variety of lists with customization capabilities.

Traders enjoy personalized platforms that allow them to set up multiple user workspaces, optimize layouts with the help of widgets, drag and drop capabilities, and contain easy-to-build designs. Personalized platform interface comes equipped with a highly intuitive design that is fully controlled by you. Through customization, investors can benefit from additional features to enhance their success and knowledge. These features include advanced technical news and analysis, custom-built trading journals to document individual trade objectives, and tracking features via a specialized trading dashboard.

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When you become a part of SolidusX, you become a part of a team. Investors get to take advantage of the decades worth of acquired experience and knowledge from our financial market experts that are here just for you.

New trader workflow begins with an individualized financial assessment, a phase which analyzes possibilities and potentials. Investors receive a brief introduction and access to various trading tools. Here’s where our financial market experts become utterly invaluable. Hailing from all corners of the financial spectrum, these specialists are available at your fingertips to assist you in developing strategies and extending proposals in order to expand diversification and reach maximum scalability. Moving forward, you choose how and where you would like to invest your money. No matter which stage you are in, our professional team is here to guide you towards financial prosperity.

Additionally, when markets are up and running, we’re here offering you nonstop support. Whether it’s technical guidance, account complications or trading inquiries, SolidusX provides simple methods to get in touch with a member of our Investor Care team. Through various channels, we’re available for real-time support from our experienced experts.

How Can these values help you trade?

Feel safe when trading helps to focus only on what is important.

Our nature is to make users feel that SolidusX is the place where trading meets the requirements of security, technological innovation and success. For this we offer a series of avant-garde services in which traders have all the facilities in one trading platform.

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