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Long Term Stocks to Invest in

There are few assets as reliable to own as long term stocks to invest in. In a trading environment littered with transactions that fluctuate drastically by the minute, long term stocks provide you with the comfort of having a valuable asset in your portfolio for the long run.

Finding the best stocks for long term investment is easier said than done. However, there are certain parameters to take into consideration. While none of us can predict the exact future, we can, however, get very close in our approximations.

You can assess a company’s health by measuring certain characteristics. Such as their shareholder yield, their minimum price/volume, and how frequently their price drops significantly.

With that being said, let’s get into what we believe are the best long-term stocks to invest in.

Best Stocks for Long Term Investments

Amazon (AMZN)

Does Amazon even need an introduction? Aptly named “The Everything Store”, Amazon went from an online book marketplace to one of the biggest and most influential companies on the planet. With Jeff Bezos at the helm, Amazon has witnessed a share price increase of over %1000 in the past decade. They have expanded into media streaming, automobiles, cloud computing, online retailing, and even the food and beverage sectors through Whole Foods. Amazon is your typical example of “too big to fail”, at least for the foreseeable decade.

(*) Source: TradingView

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B)

If you haven’t heard of Berkshire Hathaway, then you have definitely heard of the countless subsidiaries that it owns. Having been originally established in the 1800’s (no, seriously), Berkshire Hathaway was in the business of textile manufacturing. Almost two centuries later, it is now a multi-billionaire dollar conglomerate that boasts companies such as GEICO, Duracell, BNSF Railway, and Helzberg Diamonds. It even holds minor holdings in Kraft Heinz, American Express, and the Coca-Cola Company. Berkshire Hathaway has their hands in almost every industry around the world, and their long-standing reputation as a global titan is more than enough reason to buy their long term stocks.

(*) Source: TradingView

Apple Inc. (AAPL)

There’s a very high chance that you’re currently reading this article on an Apple product. The tech company that absolutely exploded into success pioneered by the late Steve Jobs is looking healthier than ever. Apple is currently ranked as one of the most valuable companies in the world. More importantly, it has an incredibly high degree of brand loyalty among its customers. Their iPhone, MacBook, and iPad lines continuously break sales records on a yearly basis, giving Apple the title of a safe, reliable, long-term option for investing.

(*) Source: TradingView

Costco (COST)

Always pay attention to companies that do not falter during global crises. If a worldwide pandemic was not enough to damage Costco’s revenue, then that speaks volumes to its resilient health. Established in the 80’s, the retail chain has mushroomed into an international superpower with 833 locations across 5 continents. Costco’s biggest strength is the fact that it does not rely much on internet sales. While other retailers put all their eggs in one eCommerce basket, Costco proves wise in their decision-making, not bearing any blows from supply chain issues. With a 600% increase in share prices in the last decade, this is one retailer you absolutely want in your long term portfolio.

(*) Source: TradingView

Zoom Video Communications (ZM)

Just let me share my screen, one secooooooond, can you guys see my screen?”

Be honest, how many times have you either heard or said that sentence in the past few years? As the world cocooned into a work-from-home scenario, Zoom was the saving grace of an awful COVID-19 pandemic. The video communication company has skyrocketed in valuation, but what’s more interesting, is that although some companies have transitioned back into pre-pandemic office life, Zoom has shown no signs of being forgotten about. It is now being used both by workers who elected to stay at home, as well as offices where the employees are physically there. With a total equity of $3.8 billion, it looks like Zoom has successfully integrated itself into our day-to-day work lives, pandemic or not!

(*) Source: TradingView

Stocks for Long Term Investment – Conclusion

As we said before, the term “too big to fail” is a cliché we tend to steer clear from. It almost invites bad news as there is nothing that can ever be considered too big to fail. However, there are certain entities that are near impossible to fail for the foreseeable future. Entities that have expanded to the point ridiculous levels of influence both financially and culturally. The five companies we’ve given you tick all the boxes of great health for the next decade. Spare yourselves the headache of being glued to your screen analyzing fluctuating stocks that can break your bank in seconds.

Long term stocks to Invest in your portfolio with SolidusX

To answer the age-old question of “which stocks to invest long term in”, stick to the long term stocks that you can keep in your portfolio while putting your feet up!   

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