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Choosing the right cryptocurrency to invest in


Best cryptocurrency to invest in today 

Are you planning on investing in cryptocurrencies this year? With thousands of different cryptocurrencies on the market, choosing the right one is a lot easier said than done. One of the most important factors in determining your selection should be growth potential. Whether short-term or long-term, your cryptocurrency should be expected to rise and net you a generous profit. 

Before making your decision and committing to a crypto, there are certain factors that can dictate which one matches your needs. These factors are: 

  • Cryptocurrency project. 
  • Market capitalization. 
  • Government regulations. 
  • Crypto exchanges. 
  • Potential price. 
  • Volatility. 

Altcoins play an important role in this sector. Due to their volatility and market cap, they aren’t the safest cryptocurrencies to invest in. However, they might be a good option for investors looking to make a short-term profit.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula you can use to guarantee investment success (although we wouldn’t say no to one!). It is a culmination of the previously mentioned factors as well as external factors beyond your control.

Even the most experienced of experts fall short sometimes, despite having the required investment knowledge. At best, you can be better prepared than most. However, this only guarantees a head start, and not a first placed finish.

We’re going to be talking about the best cryptocurrency to invest in currently, while detailing the advantages of each. 

Cryptocurrencies to invest in now 


This year’s undisputed popular choice is Ethereum. It is one of the most solid and reliable projects in the cryptosphere and only behind Bitcoin in market capitalization. Another important factor to consider is that most of the non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ) are built using Ethereum’s network. All memecoins and metaverse projects are in some way related to this crypto, which gives it an unmatched stability compared to the other coins. We consider Ethereum to be a wise long-term investment.


The most popular cryptocurrency and most investors’ safe bet. Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency due to its market capitalization. In addition, it is also the most traded crypto in the market, giving liquidity to its investors. Bitcoin is a market influencer, which means that its actions ripple through and impact altcoins. If Bitcoin falters, the rest will follow.

We believe that now is a good time to invest in Bitcoin , as its valuation has dropped to around $20K. Far from the $69,000 that it reached in the past. Strike while the iron is hot and before it gets too expensive.


Regarded as a competitor to Ethereum, Solana rose to success in 2021, proving to be a great asset to invest in. Solana currently holds hundreds of billions of dollars in its blockchain , making it one of the most lucrative. Their cryptocurrency, SOL, provides decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions to individuals and businesses around the world. Its high market value and popularity make Solana a great asset to invest in.


Cardano has skyrocketed to popularity in the last year, proving it can play in the same arena as the recognized heavyweights. Experts have touted Cardano’s influence and technology-driven innovation as a prominent reason why it’s a smart investment. Its platform, ADA, is a secure and sustainable blockchain with ground-breaking use cases. Cardano usually is the best option to invest for forward thinkers.


Dogecoin was propelled to unmatched heights thanks in part to Elon Musk and his tweets. With his posts working wonders on the coin, this led many investors to take advantage of the high returns . At the moment of writing, Dogecoin’s value might be lower than what most investors would like, however, we estimate that it could reach maximum value within the end of the year. To any investor that wants to back the underdog (or rather, underdoge), this is the cryptocurrency for you. 

Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 

In conclusion, each cryptocurrency brings with it a host of advantages and disadvantages. It’s crucial to be well informed about the topic rather than go in blindly. We can assure you, the market will have its ups and downs. However, we also guarantee that crypto trading is no longer this futuristic idea that might or might not take off. It has been a legitimate investment entry point for years now. You must capitalize on this before it’s too late.

Choosing the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 is not an easy task. With that being said, based on the information given as well as our in-depth comparison analysis among the different cryptocurrencies, we can highlight that Solana is a very good option to invest in for traders who are optimistic about the development of NFTs. Solana, with a market capitalization around a tenth of Ethereum’s, can be a more worthwhile investment for them. In the future of crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse, only a few coins will dominate the market, and Solana appears to be a frontrunner in that domination.

It is a common fact that most bigger projects are built on Ethereum. However, Solana is well-known for its fastest, cheaper and more secure transactions. Lower minting costs makes Solana an excellent place for smaller investors to build their portfolios and projects. It could be that Solana may be riskier than Ethereum nowadays , but on a mid- long term basis its nature should become more sustainable.

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