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SolidusX was born out of the idea to support and guide investors towards a prosperous financial future via an accessible and lively platform. With decades of financial market experience under our belt, we've developed a dynamic platform that is transforming the norms of traditional money management and trading. Our principle is to offer investors a reliable trade network to encourage individual wealth expansion and financial control, while achieving mutual goals.

SolidusX has pioneered an innovative trading solution to enable immediate-execution trade activity. Our intuitive platform provides investors with fast access to global markets; promoting gains on various assets. SolidusX is always up-to-date on current asset trends including commodities, stocks, shares and digital currencies. We are backed by Tier 1 liquidity providers, including additional liquidity deriving from our matching engine.

SolidusX maintains the highest levels of security via forward-thinking technology, but what truly sets us apart from the rest is our personalized investor experience. Our financial market experts, reigning from all industry sectors, are here to guide you at every moment during your investing journey.

You are the center of our activity


  • With the help of tailored financial assessments and mapping out your individual goals, we get to know you and your financial situation better. You'll collaborate with our market specialists who offer you the most comprehensive plan to determine which investment avenues suit you and your needs best.


  • Honest communication is key. SolidusX provides its investors full transparency, so our relationship can be based on mutual trust. We believe that high levels of trust yield high levels of success.


  • You'll never feel alone with us. Dedicated investment specialists and market experts are on call to assist with any questions you need answered and to offer priceless guidance along the way.

Introducing our platform


  • We use Tier 1 liquidity providers in a multi-layered approach who rely on real-time order books to construct direct and immediate access to global markets. Execution and 'cashing out' are both easy and instant.


  • Our platform utilizes multiple intuitive features and cutting-edge technology to provide our investors a seamless experience.


  • Solidifyre, our algorithmic analyzer, features research-driven findings to provide up-to-date insights about asset prices that boost constructive investment opportunities.
by Mindy Robinson

As a crypto user

As a crypto user and a full time trader, this site has helped me tremendously. Having used various types of websites with the aim of making money, I tried this one hoping for a change and finally it enabled me to get quite a satisfactory result. Being able to deposit and withdraw my money was very fast and the customer service was very efficient. This is very good I like it very much

by Alex hary

I have wonderful experience with this…

I have wonderful experience with this platform. Most trusted and secured services. Good customer care skills and sort out all my problems immediately. easy and secure way to trade crypto and earn money)

by Cherlyn Yawslon

My experience with solidusx has been…

My experience with solidusx has been nothing but positive. Thank you very much to the owners of the site for their good treatment, their response to users and their guidance.

Top priority asset protection

A comprehensive cyber security framework is implemented to ensure that strict measures and procedures are in place to protect customer assets from hackers and threats. We conduct frequent tests and security audits to ensure compliance with security standards and ensure peace of mind for our customers.

  • Solidusx is safe and secure: Always look for security signs on your browser before you trade. On SolidusX, all clients' personal information is guarded under SSL encryption.
  • Amazon Web Services (“AWS”).- Physical security and internal controls.
  • Cloudflare to mitigate potential distributed denial-of-service (“DDoS”) attacks.
  • All passwords are cryptographically hashed
  • Cold storage of digital assets with Multisignature technology
  • IT security assessments are executed to keep up to date with new potential vulnerabilities.
  • Regular tests and check-ups by our technical team.
  • We also offer an option to activate Two-Factor Authentication (“2FA”) in your account, as described above. 2FA provides an additional layer of security which you can turn on or off in your account settings
  • SolidusX has live support available via site chat, email, and incoming calls, meaning solidusX clients always have someone to turn to if they encounter a problem or require assistance.

It's important to note that any form of trading involves risk, therefore, we always encourage our clients to practice responsible trading by staying informed, diversifying their portfolios, and utilizing risk management tools.

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